What To When Durring Meditation Your Legs Fall Asleep

Legs falling asleep in meditationWhen you meditate sometimes you have the unpleasant experience of a leg or foot falling asleep. Do not worry just adjust relax or power through at that point it’s already to late. This article is written on what happens that causes the feet to fall asleep and how to prevent it when you prepare for meditation.

The reason your feet fall asleep during meditation is circulation to that body part is slowed more importantly you have restricted that circulation through your posture and then it slows. Therefore at the time your foot is asleep it is probably to late to correct.

A proper yoga meditation posture will prevent limbs from drifting off by creating equal distribution of weight.

There are three main points of contact and weight distribution in a cross legged meditation posture. One is the sits bones as a pair they support the main weight of the body and allow it to disperse into the ground. The other to are your left and right legs providing balance in the posture.

The cause of loss of circulation (and by effect the fateful sleeping foot) is a uneven disbursement through the triangle. If more weight is sent onto the legs than the sits bones you will have overall discomfort and slowly slip to the left or right.

When more weight falls on one leg then the other this begins to restrict blood flow causing that limb to fall asleep.

So to prevent and properly prepare this fateful event just adjust your posture so you can comfortable create an even triangle base (like a tripod) shift your spin till it stacks evenly above the sits bones than allow your weight to drift forward till it is centered in the middle of the triangle. Adjust your legs if more weight is on either side and repeat until you achieve a feeling of weightlessness then you will be able to sustain meditation for up to an hour comfortably.

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